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"On my drive home last night, I figured out what makes the Academy of Kung Fu in Ridgeland so great...
It is the fact that you have a love for the art and a passion for your studetns to grow, and enjoy watching them progress.
Also, the fact that you have family doing so with you. Because, as a Dad with a Little Ninja in Kung Fu, I love talking with her about it and helping her and teaching her as well. I wanted to say "Thank you" for your passion for the art and the students. I've wanted to get back into martial arts for years and I'm glad I joined with you guys."
Bryan Tomlinson, Byram

Strengthened Mental Awareness & Self Confidence
“My daughter is developing new physical abilities along with strengthened mental awareness and boosted self-confidence. Your guys do a great job and are top notch. I recommend your classes to everyone I know!” 
Cheryl Bates   Madison

More Focused & Self Disciplined
“My girls have benefited from Kung Fu tremendously. They are more focused when they do homework assignments and projects. They demonstrate more self-discipline.”
Sandra Reddix   Madison

New Friends & New Self Confidence
“My child loves Kung Fu. He enjoys class and he has made several new friends. To me, the most important aspect has been his new found self-confidence. I love to see him loving what he’s doing and doing it well.” 
Gena McBrain    Ridgeland

Fitness & Self Confidence
“The growth in fitness and self-confidence is awesome. We were hooked after the first class. Will has not only grown physically and mentally but has gained some true friendships.”
Jo LeVert, teacher, Madison

Safe Environment, Active, & Good Sportsmanship
“Upon enrolling into the Academy of Kung Fu, I was seeking a safe environment for my son to be active and learn good sportsmanship. We have gotten just that!”
  Angel S. Longino,   Ridgeland 

Life-Long Skills- Confidence, Self-Discipline, Responsibility, &  Straight A’s!
“I have developed and reinforced life-long skills. Some of them include  flexibility, strength, confidence, self-discipline and responsibility. . By learning self-discipline I have trained myself to do my chores and homework without being asked. On my last report card I made all A’s! I am more responsible and I have my priorities more in order. I believe Kung Fu is particularly responsible for this!”
  Mallory Miller, 14 yr old student, Madison 

Self-Discipline & Self-Confidence
“I have gained a lot of strength and self-discipline. I decide to do my homework on my own and do my daily chores. Self-discipline and self-confidence are the two benefits I gained from Kung Fu that I did not expect.”
     Sunny Vig, 11 yr old student, Ridgeland 

Becoming a Better Person- “I feel like I can do anything!”
Now I feel like I am becoming a better person. I made friends and I still love them. When I get my new belts I feel like I can do anything and proud.”
Adrian Culpepper, 9 yr old student, Madison 

Self-Discipline, Control, Focus, & Responsibility
“Within two weeks, he was riding his bike without falling! I owe this to Kung Fu and learning balance! This was only the beginning of some great things happening to Matt.”
Taking Kung Fu was showing him self discipline, control, focus and responsibility. The values of what hard work is and what it means was beginning to sink in. By the end of 2nd grade, his work was done on time, he wasn't getting in trouble anymore and his last report card had no check marks for the first time. In his own words, "It's too easy not to get in trouble!" Not only has he been given more responsibilities at home, an increased workload from school and his weekly sheet from Kung Fu, he's actually happy doing what is required of him. When I ask him to do anything, his response is: "Gotcha!" and off he goes. After the second week of school he came home with his weekly papers. I was in for a big surprise... 99, 98, 95, 90, 86 and 80. That's an average of 91.3! What an improvement!
Thank you doesn't begin to explain the gratitude we feel for you.”
Lynn Cheek,   Ridgeland   Legal Assistant 

Camaraderie, Skills, Family
“The Academy of Kung Fu is a place that breathes camaraderie, you not only learn useful skills, you gain an extended family.”
 Angel S. Longino,  Ridgeland 

Christian Attitude, Respect & Discipline 
My husband and I looked into other Martial Arts schools and  the Academy of Kung Fu was the best fit for our daughter. We liked that the Academy of Kung Fu had a Christian attitude, and we liked that the program  required her to apply the respect and discipline Katie is learning  in Kung Fu  to all aspects of her life. 
  Angela Moseley, Ridgeland 

Kung Fu-The Right Choice, Encouraging Instructors, Helping Fellow Students
“We were considering other forms of Martial Arts. When we visited the Academy of Kung Fu, we knew this was the right place for Paige. T he positive feedback from her instructors  has been a great asset for her. Since becoming an advanced student, she wants to help with the beginner level kids. The best program around…The best in the state .”
  Kendra Johnson,  Ridgeland 

Doing Her Best, New Friends, Better Choices, Love for classes!
“Kung Fu has made me gain more confidence in myself. It has motivated me to do well in everything I try to do. It keeps me going  when I want to give up. 
I like coming to my classes because it has helped me to meet new friends. It has also helped me to make good and better choices in my life. 
I will continue to do my best in my classes because I love Kung Fu.”
  Amber Nichols, 10 Year Old , Student

Fitness & Self Confidence
“The growth in fitness and self-confidence  is awesome. We were hooked after the first class. Will has not only grown physically and mentally but  has gained some true friendships. The admiration and respect Will has for Sifu Crake will remain with him no matter where he goes or what he does in his life. Thank you Trey, for a job well done.”
   Jo LeVert, teacher, Madison

Confidence, Flexibility, & Strength
       “For me, the greatest advantage and benefit I have learned is the confidence that comes from knowing the various techniques; although we hope we never have to use them- the knowledge that you can protect yourself is a great benefit. Also, the Kung Fu exercises develop the student in a lot of physical ways, such as flexibility, agility, strength and aerobically- I am 53 years old.” 
   Lanny Mckay, Jackson 

Most Exciting Workout & Experience 
“Kung Fu is the most exciting all around workout and experience I have  ever  had.”
  Scott Olsen, Ridgeland 

Best Program & Instructors Around
“I believe this has to be one of the best programs around. The  instructors are very knowledgeable about the style and encouraging to everyone.”
 Vincent Canoy,  Brandon

A Major Transformation;  Self Defense
“About a year ago, I realized I was out of shape and lacked discipline in my life. One night, I threatened by a big guy outside of a restaurant and I began to think, what would I do? Fortunately, I walked away unharmed but I vowed to learn to protect myself in the future. The Academy of Kung Fu has helped me get back into good physical condition and learn practical techniques of self defense. I now have more confidence  and awareness. The best thing is, it’s FUN too!”
  David Dillard, Ridgeland 

Always Look Forward  To Class 
“My husband joined the Academy of Kung Fu. After just a few classes, he was coming home so excited and pumped! I had to join too. I look forward to going every time. I’ve only been in class for 2 months, and my husband and I can’t wait to sign up for another year.”
  Denise McMullen, Brandon 

Only Kung Fu Style In Area;  Sifu Crake
“This is the only real Kung Fu school in the area and it’s a great one.  Sifu Crake is one of the finest instructors I have had the privilege to train under.”
  Daniel Schmidt, Jackson

Strength, Agility, Supportive Staff
“My body has increased in strength, agility, and stamina. My overall physical fitness is at a much higher level. The staff and fellow students are all supportive and accepting of each other. It doesn’t matter your fitness or competence level.” 
  Kirk Lomax, Ridgeland

More Than Expected
"Having been in martial arts as a young person, I felt in-tune with the experience. I have to say, I was wrong. Mr. Crake provides more than anything I had ever expected from a martial arts program. He truly personifies the "art" in martial arts, and that art is Kung Fu. When I was young, I learned deiscipline, grace, and technique. This class takes it to a whole other level. I wish I had known about this earlier, because all of my children would have been students. It makes me wish I was a kid again."
David Cole, Brandon