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The Head Instructor for the Academy of Kung Fu is Trey Crake. Sifu Crake is ranked as a 9th Level Black Belt in Lung Shou Pai (Dragon Claw Style) Kung Fu and is in good standing with the Lung Shou Pai Wu Shu Association. He is a senior member of the Lung Shou Pai 5th Generation lineage.

Sifu Crake began his training in the Lung Shou Pai System in 1979. He received over 35 years of professional instruction directly from Grandmaster Norman J. Pedelahore of Slidell, Louisiana. Sifu Crake received full Instructor rank of 3rd Level Black Belt in 1985. At this time, Sifu Crake was honored to be adopted into the Lung Shou Pai family through the Pai Shi Tea Ceremony, which made him an heir of the Lung Shou Pai system. He has also received additional extensive training in "Five Formed Fist" (Tung Wu Ch'uan Fa) - TigerSnakeLeopardDragon and Crane, also from Grandmaster Pedelahore.

In 1984, he was elected as the Louisiana State Director for the World Chinese Martial Arts Federation.

In addition to running his own Kung Fu school during his years at Louisiana State University, Sifu Crake studied Yang Style Tai Chi under the instruction of Master Michael Chow of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

As a part of his Lung Shou Pai training, Sifu Crake has obtained extensive training in many traditional Kung Fu weapons: Stick, Cane, Nunchaku, Staff, Three-Sectional Staff, Spear, Broadsword, Double Broadsword, Wooden Dummy, Kwon-do, chain whip, fighting fan, tiger fork, straight sword, two-man sets, knife, tai chi sword, hook swords, rope dart, etc.

In 2003, Sifu Crake was elected United States Director of the International Chinese Boxing Association, as an Executive Board Member.

Sifu Crake now owns and operates the Academy of Kung Fu in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

He is also available for local self-defense seminars for organizations and businesses; and school talks to students, discussing topics such as focus, respect, and self-discipline.

Sifu Trey Crake
Sifu Trey Crake with Grandmaster Norman Pedelahore
Sifu Trey Crake with Grandmaster Norman Pedelahore
626 Ridgewood Rd, Ridgeland, MS 39157
[email protected]   |   (601) 856-5051

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