Orientation | AOKF Introductory Lesson for ages 4-11
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Please arrive 10 minutes earlyIf you arrive after the lesson has started, your child will not be able to participate in the lesson or receive the discount offer.
The Saturday's Orientation, special lesson is instructed by the owner of the studio who is 10th-degree Black Belt and over 40 years of experience in this style.
  • Saturday’s Expectations:
  • 10-min: Parent & Child orientation.
  • 45-min: Kung Fu Lesson on the floor.
  • 10-min: Timed Obstacle Course. 
  • 10-min: Uniform Fitting.

Looking for an activity fun to do on Saturday morning! For over 35 years, we have served Jackson Metro. Saturdays are meant to be fun and relaxing for the kids. During our weekly classes, we discovered that it is best to offer an introductory course outside of those busier hours. 

This is your chance to introduce your kids to an awesome life changing experience. Martial arts is a fantastic skill set for all to consider.

We strive to find the unique black belt in every group introductory class. It takes persistence and patience from both the parents and child. We understand that not every kid will strive for excellence. We honor all the kids that stay active in martial arts. 

Your child will participate in a fun, interactive, educational, and trial lesson. 

The parents will be provided with all information and benefits regarding the program! 
We're looking forward 
to seeing you Saturday!
626 Ridgewood Rd,  Ridgeland, MS 39157
Support: (601) 856-5051
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Official AOKF Landing Page for Saturday Class | The redirect is part of our software reservation system, addmembers.com.

"I absolutely love this school and all of its staff. My son has grown so much since starting 2 years ago. It teaches way more than a fighting style. It teaches accountability, hard work, perseverance, citizenship, discipline, and all aspects of personal growth. They literally invest in every single child and there aren't enough thank yous in the world to express my gratitude."
Katyna Montgomery, Ridgeland, MS

Strengthened Mental Awareness & 
“My daughter is developing new physical abilities along with strengthened mental awareness and boosted self-confidence. Your guys do a great job and are top notch. I recommend your classes to everyone I know!” 

Fitness & Self-Confidence
“The growth in fitness and self-confidence is awesome. We were hooked after the first class. Will has not only grown physically and mentally but has gained some true friendships.”
Jo LeVert, teacher, Madison

Becoming a Better Person- 
“I feel like I can do anything!”
Now I feel like I am becoming a better person. I made friends and I still love them. When I get my new belts I feel like I can do anything and proud.”
Adrian Culpepper, 9 yr old student, Madison 
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